Welcome to The Center for Counseling Services…

“With the gift of listening comes the gift of healing, because listening
to your brothers or sisters until they have said the last words in their
hearts is healing and consoling. Someone has said that it is possible
‘to listen a person’s soul into existence.”

~Catherine de Hueck Doherty


Feeling sad, overwhelmed and anxious? Stressed in your relationships? Struggling with children or adolescents? Perhaps taking care of elder adults or someone with special needs? Life can be challenging. There may be days when you’re able to solve one problem only to have three more appear. We are constantly trying to keep up with an ever-changing culture. Although change can be a good thing, at times it may feel too fast and overwhelming.. When life becomes too difficult to manage and when there are regular and unresolved conflicts within relationships it may be time to seek help and gain perspective.

As therapists and counselors, we are honored to be invited into clients’ lives. We listen, support, and help clients create solutions to life’s everyday problems. The Center for Counseling Services provides a safe place to explore emotions, resolve conflict and hurt in order to promote healing.

We believe our work together is a sacred trust and continue to be impressed by our clients’ capacity to improve their lives and relationships. We invite you to learn more about The Center for Counseling Services and how we can be a part of the healing and changes you are seeking…About Us!